Everyone's heard the horror stories about building a home.  The homeowner shows up at the job site and see's the wrong carpet being installed, the husband and wife are upset with each other because something costs more than the budget allowed.  At Palazzo, we pride ourselves in communication.  We are the problem solvers.  Don't misunderstand, there are thousands of details that need to be completed correctly, but with the right system and proper communication, we get the project done with minimal confusion or headaches.  We pride ourselves on fixing the issues before they become a problem.  Our builder and project manager are on site constantly throughout the projects. We also have excellent team work between all design staff, administration staff and subcontractors.  Now, to keep communication and proper coordination in sync on a daily basis, we have implemented a detailed online system.  With this Online Project Coordination System, the builder, owner, design members or subcontractors can login on a daily basis and review the budget, see pictures of the project status, sign off on final selections and communicate with all other parties.  With this system, we have found that we can be sure that all parties are aware of the project's daily status.

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Services typically included in Palazzo Development project:

*             Custom home builder (general contractor management services). 

*             Assistance in selecting the architect, designer and all other professionals involved .

*             Continuous team coordination with the selected design professionals throughout the project

*             Sub-contractor selection, bidding, and negotiation.

*             Supervision and inspection of all subcontractor's activities.

*             Site evaluation and master planning.

*             Construction documents preparation of blueprints and specifications.

*             Coordination and communication with all parties throughout the project.

*             Documentation of all paperwork necessary to obtain approved plans, building permits, and other necessary entities.

*             Compilation of a detail budget and construction schedule.

*             Preparation of documents for draw-downs of construction loans (if applicable).

*             Ensuring required inspections by certified inspectors during every stage of construction.

*             Coordination of payments and release of lien documents during each stage of construction as the work is being completed and inspected

*             Continuous on-site management by master builder and on-site superintendent throughout the project.

*             Completion of your project under the  guidance of the company principles.


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Nevada General Contractor's License # 78507